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Why Choose Us?

Project-Based Learning

We live in a project-based world, we learn by doing. Using a project-based approach, we respond, investigate, and solve authentic and complex problems with close attention. LET’S Create Academy’s curriculum is designed on the very core principles of project-based learning.  In our STEM Programs participants explore, design and develop various interesting projects, which trigger their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Innovative Curriculum

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) are experienced engineers and professors from computer science and engineering fields. They have designed the curriculum for the Digital Age Learners focusing on the latest technical skills required to master in preparation for success in a rapidly changing, the digital society. For example, the coding programs teach python; one of the most popular coding languages. For Web Development, HTML5 and CSS3 the latest standards are being covered. 


Our Kids’ lives have been turned upside down by this pandemic. Remote schooling, minimum interaction with other kids and lack of routine have caused stress and uncertainty in our families including children. That is why we have included Emotional Intelligence component in our programs. Which make us pioneers in the STEM Programs' industry to provide EQ activities and exercises developed by the experts in the field. So, lets create our IQ and EQ both!

Physical Activities

Another important effect of pandemic is a decline in the physical activity and a rise in the sedentary behavior in families, particularly in children. Taking this fact into consideration we have incorporated Gymnastics and Yoga modules during our regular camp days. Camper would be given the option to select one of these two physical activities for one week.

LET'S support our kids' journey from TechUsers to TechCreators!


LET'S Create Academy offers STEM programs in Robotics, Engineering, Science and Coding. Well prepared with COVID-19 guidelines, we provide an innovative and quality curriculum developed by experts in the field of education, computer science & engineering.


For our Summer Programs in 2021, a new module EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE FOR KIDS is included in our curriculum. Professionally developed EQ activities will help kids recover from the mental impacts of COVID-19. For physical health, yoga and gymnastics are scheduled in every day’s routine. Hence, boosting our kids’ EQ, IQ, and physical health.

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