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Our Programs: Robotics and STEM

 Robotics (Ages 6-12)            

Create your very own robots and foster your STEM skills by programming a robot.


This program offers different levels of complexity according to a participant’s age and skills.

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 Fungineering (Ages 4-12)      

Create engineering artifacts from design to prototyping. This program offers hands-on adaptable projects according to participants’ age and aptitude. 

 ScienceZone (Ages 4-12)    

Explore the dimensions of science with hands-on experiments in a safe environment.

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 GameCreators Ages (7-12)      

Create computer games with FUNTASTIC coding tools and apps. 

 WebDeveloper Ages (12-15) 

Create and publish your very own website with easy tools. Learn HTML & CSS, Wordpress and many other tools.

 CoolCoder Ages (12-15)      

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Coding is the new cool! In this course you will learn Python programming. Python is a general-purpose programming language and is very popular for its simple programming syntax and code readability.

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