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We offer youth programs in


STEM Programs for Digital Age Learners


Thank you for visiting us. We appreciate your interest. Due to some unexpected reasons, we are not running the programs in 2022.

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LET'S Create Academy (Leadership | Engineering | Technology | Science) offers youth programs for ages 4 to 15 including summer camps, PA days and after school programs. Our main themes are Robotics, Engineering, Science, Computer programming also referred as computer coding & web development.  


Our curriculum is designed for the Digital Age Learners focusing on the technical skills required to master in preparation for success in a rapidly changing, the digital society.

With our Experiential-Learning-Based Programs, we anticipate a shift from app users to app developers, robot players to robot programmers, consumers of technology to the creators of technology.

Our focus on creativity and Leadership skills make us standout among contemporary STEM programs. Under all our themes, learners work on hands-on-progressive projects, which trigger their creativity, problem solving skills, decision making skills, goal setting skills, self-reliance and self-awareness. We provide them with a safe environment to fail, make mistakes, learn from their mistakes, try again and succeed with FUNTASTIC learning tools.   

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